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It All Begins with a Word
360° Virtual Journey

The world is out of order, but we’re not out of vision. The pandemic helps us to slow down, to revisit our relationship with the arts.

While the space for performance becomes smaller, our ambition to break free from limitations remains huge.

This year we get inspired nonetheless by our artists —

It All Begins with a Word ventures into uncharted waters in the world of words by taking its cues from local literature;

My Main Stage Online lets young singer-songwriters’ imagination run wild in 10 music micro-movies;

E(ar)-Storm proudly proclaims that music can get ahead of science to make life better.

Through an epic VR journey in Stones of Venice, Marco Polo tells Kublai Khan (YOU) how a city is deconstructed and reshaped;

Aria unfolds inside a nighttime greenhouse to contemplate global pollution with hologram, music and dance.

Just as the pandemic brings in a “new normal”, ReNew Vision is set to open up new worlds for you to explore.