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My Main Stage Online

Chiu Tsang-hei
Executive Producer

An all-round, multi-talented musician: producer, composer, arranger, and event producer for a multitude of Hong Kong and Asian artists. Over the past three decades, Chiu Tsang-hei has been one of the most celebrated names in Hong Kong’s music and entertainment industry.

Anna hisbbuR
Lonely When I’m with You

This project is a new experience. I rarely collab with others. This song was made all by myself, but this time I tried to be more open to other people’s ideas, especially about MV production. For me, it’s rather difficult to explain what my song is about. I look forward to working with more people in the future.

My name is Anna hisbbuR. I’ll make more music under this name.

《當代生活指南》(Modern Living 101)

For me, My Main Stage is not just a training programme or a music assignment. Everyone here is given their own to-do list: mine is about how to learn, how to turn imagination into reality, and how to blaze a new trail in a dead-end situation. The final product might be far from perfect, but that’s the best I can do for now.

I am a native Hong Konger who grew up listening to Cantopop but switched to foreign alternative music in my adolescence. It’s been my wish to bring out a different side of Hong Kong music and to speak my mind through my work.

《蝴蝶效應》(Butterfly Effect)

My Main Stage is a rare chance for me to be tutored by some real masters. While putting together my song and MV, I have learned beyond the classroom and understood the importance of listening and persevering for a music-maker.

My name is Yanny. I am a 22-year-old fresh graduate. Passionate about music from an early age, I aspire to pursue a lifelong career in music.

《蝴蝶效應》(Butterfly Effect)

Thanks to My Main Stage, I have for the first time completed the musical arrangement for a whole song, where I realised that a lot of fine-tuning has to be done for a piece to be up to par. While the MV was in production, I got a better idea of how to present the non-rational content in a song in a rational way.

TIN, a 20-year-old gap-year student. An amateur arranger and mixing engineer, and a film photography enthusiast.


While putting the song together I got to know more about my capabilities. My first attempt on MV production also gave me an in-depth view into the industry. I’ve enjoyed every single moment of making music.

Hi, I am ABu, a third-year student at CUHK. Songwriting and singing are my favourite pastimes.

Do You Understand?

I feel very honoured to be part of My Main Stage. Making songs/MVs allows me to infuse my thoughts and feelings into music and images. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

I am Rumbu. I love music and great food. My wish is to spread joy and happiness everywhere.


“It is a great honour to be part of My Main Stage and work on some songs and MVs. Thanks to the scheme, VIRT has come closer to professional level in terms of recording, post-production and MV filming.”

VIRT consists of vocalist Harley, guitarist Danny, keyboardist Hugo, bassist Sunny and drummer Daniel. The ensemble got off to a promising start, winning three Hong Kong band contests the first year after their debut. An organic merge of alternative rock, experimental rock, fusion jazz and math rock, their unconventional style is a breath of fresh air for music lovers. By performing in different settings, they are actively gathering experience to bring their music to a wider audience.


A full-time sound engineer engaged in film scoring, orchestral and harmony arrangement, and other tasks related to singing and song-writing. He was a contestant at the first edition of Television Broadcasts Limited’s singing competition, The Voice. In 2011-16, he studied vocal music, sound mixing and film scoring in the US. Ever since he first joined My Main Stage in late 2019, he has made music together with a wide range of creative partners.


My Main Stage allows me to create my own song in its entirety starting from a simple demo. From the programme I have learned a lot about composing, lyric-writing, and producing. Special thanks go to my mentor Chiu Tsang-hei, who has patiently offered his advice on how to improve my work. It never occurred to me that my song could be turned into an MV. I greatly appreciate this valuable chance to show more of my music.

I first fell in love with music when I was having piano lessons as a child. From playing other people’s works to writing my own songs, from being nourished by the Earth to planting seeds into the earth, I am still exploring the many possibilities my future holds.

Emiko Tsui Ka-wai

It was my first time to co-write, as well as my maiden attempt at electropop. During the creative process, I received advice from many people and made several rounds of revision; I even had the chance to be involved in professional MV production at the end. An exceptional experience that is immensely enriching.

Emiko, a second-year music student at HKBU. Passionate about singing, she makes frequent appearances at contests big and small. She can playing several instruments while majoring in guzheng.


Trial is a collaboration with Emiko. Incorporating romantic song lyrics into a house track brings me a sense of novelty. Also, the MV production team has so many stimulating ideas that I, as a newbie to MV shooting, find the process surprisingly exciting.

Michael Wong, a second-year student at HKBU majoring in Music in Creative Industries. A music lover who wants to bring fresh air to the audience through music.


My experience with My Main Stage has been extremely rewarding. Not only did I make the acquaintance of many music experts, I could also seek their advice while working on my song. Having the chance to be involved every step along the way definitely stands me in good stead for the future.

Monkey–One guitar, a thousand stories