Sound Walk - Sounds Telling Futures

Sound Walk - Sounds Telling Futures

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Country park in Kwai Tsing District
3-4, 10-11.11 (Sat-Sun)3:30pm
Approx. 150 minutes
In Cantonese
Comfortable clothes are recommended
Participants will be taken to outdoor locations in vehicles
Suitable for those aged 12 or above
Please gather at the Kwai Tsing Theatre Foyer 15 minutes before the event begins
Sense Sense Sense

Design Concept


Creative Team: Donald Chung Siu-hei, Ivan Kwok Wing-hong, Cher Ng Chun-tung with soundpocket.

What we see often dominates perspectives of urban life. What do sounds tell us about ourselves, nature and what lies ahead? Taking “imagining the future” as their theme, soundpocket releases participants from the regular city clamour by sensitising ears to fresh sonic possibilities. Revisit perceptions of your surroundings, listen to artists’ pre-recorded stories and sound clips, and be prepared for a surprise or two along the way.

soundpocket was established in 2008, to serve as a promoter, educator, gatherer and archivist in support of the art and culture of listening.

soundpocket is financially supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council
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