The Lighter Side of Street Hip Hop

The Lighter Side of Street Hip Hop

Olé Khamchanla (France/Laos) & The Autistic Genius
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Kwai Tsing Theatre Foyer
10.11 (Sat)3:10pm, 6:10pm, 7:40pm
11.11 (Sun)1:40pm, 3:10pm, 6:10pm
Free Programme
Approx. 20 minutes
Sense Sense

Design Concept

Come on everybody, let’s dance!

Laotian-French choreographer-dancer Olé Khamchanla started out as a street hip hop performer and his subsequent works still carry many lively references to this past life. Always keen to exchange ideas, Khamchanla will host a hip hop workshop for secondary school students and collaborate with six local hip hop artists from The Autistic Genius dance group while performing Negotiation in Hong Kong. He will then lead students and local talents to dance in a joyous celebration of the dynamic multicultural urban artform at Kwai Tsing Theatre.

Choreographer & performer :
Olé Khamchanla
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