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Prometheus Bound
Li Liuyi Theatre Studio
  • A ground-breaking tragi-comedy exploring
    the nature of humanity and divinity

    Commissioned by the New Vision Arts Festival
    World première

    Prometheus, a Titan deity, helps Zeus become supreme ruler of the Olympian gods. However, Zeus is enraged when Prometheus disobeys his orders and steals fire to give to the people on Earth, propelling them towards civilisation. In retribution, Zeus chains Prometheus to a cliff in the Caucasus to suffer the extremes of biting cold and blazing sun; and the agony caused by an eagle pecking out his liver each day. When Prometheus refuses to reveal who will overthrow Zeus, even greater punishment ensues…

    Prometheus Bound was originally penned by Greek playwright Aeschylus (524-456 BC), also referred to as “the father of tragedy”. In this production, Li Liuyi, hailed as one of China's most influential theatre directors today, unearths the absurdism in the epic play, delving into the lives, behaviours, thoughts and personalities of “gods” while taking an ironic look at the making of a “hero”. Colourful and satirical, the reinterpretation offers a fresh take on the ancient tragedy.

    Drawing on both Chinese philosophy and traditional opera, Li's renowned “pure drama” theory places emphasis on the performer and characteristics of the human spirit. He launched the “Li Liuyi - Made in China” project in 2012, tracing the roots of civilisation by returning to the origins of theatre and human nature. Antigone and Oedipus the King were presented at Singapore's Huayi – Chinese Festival of Arts and the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing respectively, garnering acclaim for their minimalist and poetic stage design embracing Chinese and Western aesthetics, past and present. In this programme, Li once again teams up with National Class One actor Lin Xiyue, twice nominated for a Plum Blossom Award, stage designer Gong Xun, a Wenhua Award winner, and Oscar-winning costume designer Emi Wada, to reconstruct the classic through his cutting-edge approach.
    Personnel and Cast
    • Playwright:
    • Translator:
      Luo Niansheng
    • Director:
      Li Liuyi
    • Costume Design Consultant:
      Emi Wada
    • Stage Design:
      Gong Xun
    • Lighting Design:
      Chen Xiaji
    • Costume Design:
      Michelle L Li
    • Lead Actor:
      Lin Xiyue
    • Cast:
      Jampa Tseten, Jing Xi, Wan Qianhui, Fu Pengxu, Guo Peng

    Artist Weibo:
  • Pre performance Talk

    Spend half an hour before the performance to learn from experienced art critics and cultural experts on how to appreciate the show.

    Speaker: Wong Kwok-kui (Associate Professor, Department of Humanities and Creative Writing, Hong Kong Baptist University)

    In Cantonese
    Free admission on a first-come-first-served basis
    Organised by the International Association of Theatre Critics (Hong Kong)

    • 11.11 (Fri)
  • Please refer to Chinese version.
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