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One Zero
GayBird x Tsai Ming-liang
  • A visual Music Encounter

    Music flows along with time. Images freeze moments from the continuum.

    A variety of people roam together among different structures, in the process experiencing opposition and exchange. Through art empowered by the fundamental elements of “one” and “zero”, a multi-sensory meditation on the infinite is born.

    Personnel and Cast
    • Music, Creative Director and
      Installation Design:
    • Video Director:
      Tsai Ming-liang (Malaysia)

    • Cello:
      Winca Chan
    • Accordion:
      Natalie Zhang
    • Drum and Percussion:
      Nate Wong

    • Producer:
      Heidi Lee
    • New Instrument Design:
      Wang Chung-kun (Taiwan)
    • Video Design:
    • Set Design:
      Chow Ching
    • Mechanical Design:
      Joseph Chan
    • Lighting Design:
      Allen Fung
    • Costume Design:
      Toby Lam
    • Production Manager:
      Lawrence Lee

    • Graphic Design:
      Sandy Choi Associates
    • Promotion Photography and Video:
      Secret 9 Production House
    • Digital Promotion:
      Pineapple Design

    • Photo Credit:
      Dan Ho @Secret 9 Production House
    Artist's Facebook:
  • Pre performance Talks

    Spend half an hour before the performance to learn from experienced art critics and cultural experts on how to appreciate the show.

    In Cantonese
    Free admission on a first-come-first-served basis

    Speaker: Ip Yuk-yiu (Associate Professor, School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong)
    • 29.10 (Sat)

    Roaming Between One and Zero

    This installation centres on people, cities, Nature and life, conveyed through music, images, sound and new media.

    GayBird's music and Tsai Ming-liang's existential images from One Zero meld into an ingenious display, constructed by emerging Taiwanese techno-artist Wang Chung-kun and local mechanical designer Joseph Chan. Taking a novel curatorial perspective, the showcase transposes stage set to exhibition space, presenting an interactive close encounter that appositely continues the creative dynamic of One Zero.


    • 1-9.11 (Tue - Wed)
  • Please refer to Chinese version.
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