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  • Is that what I (ultimately) want to say, or what you (initially) want to hear?

    Think. Ponder. Speak.
    In the end, why, and what, is original
    Action and reaction, a repeat of what has gone before
    Discover, re-explore, and begin to put in writing
    Construct, reconstruct, deconstruct
    Actually, although, however, or even perhaps a pause
    Can (not) say. Should (not) say. Said.

    Following Pretext (Duo) and Pretext Tri(o)work, choreographer Ivanhoe Lam embarks on another elemental quest. Realising “the moment when utterance and thoughts intersect” in sensations, and brought into being by singer Priscilla Leung, actress Shirley Tsoi, dancers Han Mei and Lim Wei-wei, the show and its four individual performers ceaselessly move between saying and not saying, starting a conversation with oneself, and wrestling with the essence of being a “quartet”.

    Photo credit: m-for-mc

    Personnel and Cast
    • Choreographer :
      Lam Chun Ho
    • Performer:
      Leung Siu Wai Priscilla, Tsoi Wan Wa Shirley, Han Mei, Lim Wei Wei
    • Music artist and performer:
      Fabian Gutscher (Switzerland)
    • Text:
      Poon Sze Wan
    • Production Manager:
      Chan Yin Chung
    • Multi-media designer:
      Lam Chi Fai
    • Set & Costume designer:
      Ho Pui Shan
    • Lighting designer:
      Wong Yue Hang Albert
    • Sound Designer:
      Leung Po Wing
    • Executive Sound Designer:
      Li Man Chun
    • Producer:
      Cheung Pui Ki
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