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Yui Kawaguchi and Yoshimasa Ishibashi (Japan)
  • In this absorbing multimedia dance work, audience members – each equipped with 3D glasses and headphone and holding a silicon heart that simultaneously transmits the performer's heartbeat – truly connect with the artist's inner and outer worlds. Inspired by the philosophy of the Japanese tea ceremony, and drawing on stunning visuals and choreography, the show intimately conveys a heartfelt encounter.

    Photo credit: Kunihiro Fukumori, Casanova Sorolla

    Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan in the fiscal 2016

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  • Masterclass & Workshop
    "MatchAtria" Dance Workshop

    Berlin-based dancer-choreographer Yui Kawaguchi has worked extensively in the global arena and collaborated with many different types of artists. In this workshop, she focuses on how the body communicates with the outside world through interaction with music, words and space.

    Exercises related to joints and abdominal muscles help participants understand the condition of their own body while breathing techniques and other approaches improve balance and precision. Physical capabilities are then explored through improvisation before undertaking a choreographed work that celebrates the sheer joy of dancing.

    Instructor: Yui Kawaguchi (Choreographer / Dancer)

    Quota: 20
    In English
    Suitable for participants aged 16 and above with an interest in dance
    Participants are advised to wear comfortable clothes, socks and shoes
    Photo credit: Casanova Sorolla, Kunihiro Fukumori

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