Mr. Vampire
Guangdong Modern Dance Company & Hong Kong New Music Ensemble
29-30.10.2010 / Fri - Sat / 8pm
31.10.2010 / Sun / 3pm
Hong Kong Cultural Centre Studio Theatre
$200, 120
Approx 1 hour and 10 minutes without intermission
Meet-the-artists sessions after the performances on 29 and 30 October
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World Première

Riveting and full of surprises

Reinterpreting a cult classic: blending modern dance with cutting-edge visuals and live music

"Full of meditative grace, sharp, cut-crystal physicality and languid dignity" – The Washington Post on Guangdong Modern Dance Company

Mr. Vampire, based on a 1980s Hong Kong comic horror cult film of the same name, revolves around hopping vampires (jiang shi) and a Taoist exorcist. In this new take, choreographer Pun Siu-fai and composer Tang Lok-yin transform the movie into a riveting contemporary musical dance drama, combining the talented Guangdong Modern Dance Company and a powerful fusion of Chinese and western music delivered by Hong Kong New Music Ensemble.

Jiang shi, otherwise known as "stiff corpses" or zombies, are said to emerge when a person's last breath (qi) fails to leave their body because of unresolved problems. This 21st-century re-interpretation of the movie retains the comic elements of the original while exploring the deeper psychology beneath the dark humour: the fine line between qi and death; the nature of jiang shi and whether they are lonely ghosts haunted by unfulfilled wishes; and what such spirits teach us about our own fears and insecurities.

A wacky dance parody offering a pop culture-contemporary arts crossover that promises to be fun for all. Members of the audience are welcome to get in the mood by dressing up in Halloween costumes!

Guangdong Modern Dance Company
Established in 1992, Guangdong Modern Dance Company (GDMDC) is the first professional modern dance company in China. The company produced numerous prominent dancers, including Shen Wei, Xing Liang and Sang Jijia. The New York Times described GDMDC as "one of the biggest success stories of international dance." GDMDC tours extensively, receiving critical acclaim around the world.

Hong Kong New Music Ensemble
A Hong Kong modern chamber group, the ensemble seeks to foster innovative interdisciplinary collaborations as well as present high-quality contemporary music. In 2008, members of the group had the opportunity to be artists in residence at the Shanghai Conservatory.

Artistic Director / Choreographer: Pun Siu-fai
Music Director / Composer: Tang Lok-yin
Producer: William Lane
Set & Lighting Designer: Priman Lee
Video Designer: domting
Dancers: Guangdong Modern Dance Company
Musicians: Hong Kong New Music Ensemble